Nudism: The Bare Necessities of Life

History of Nudism

Nudism, also referred to as naturism, is the practice of venturing into social settings without wearing clothing.  People explore the nudism culture for good health and personal comfort purposes.  Contrary to the popular belief of many people who are outside the culture, naturism is not a sexual culture.

Nudism originated in Germany during the 20the century.  Between WWI and WWII, nudism made its way to Europe.  Nudism challenged many codes of the Victorian times and was used as a symbol to protest against different beliefs.  In Europe, during the 20the century, people used nudism as a way of protesting against rigid Victorian codes regarding behavior and appearance.  Many people believed nudism would mitigate the shame of ignorant emphasis that was placed on the views of the human body.  Some people used nudism to challenge how nudity was celebrated in art but denounced within daily living.

Today in the United States, nudism involves different activities, such as swimming, sports, and sunbathing.  In 1929, nudism became an organization in the state of New York.  The movement was organized by a German immigrant by the name of Kurt Barthel.  The International Naturist Federation is present in more than 55 countries and has more than 500,000 active members.  The nudist foundation is based in Denmark and is dedicated to nudist activities worldwide.

Types of Nudism

The four types of nudism include nudism within family, social nudism, individual nudism, and nudism in the wild.
Nudism within Family

Nudism within family is not what many people believe.  This form of nudity involves becoming one with nature and being free.  When people raise their family to be nudists, there are many rules that must be taught and followed.

Social Nudism

Social nudism is one form of nudity that involves being nude in public.  Social nudism received its name for people attending social settings and activities naked, where other people would prefer to wear clothing.

Individual Nudism

Individual nudism involves and individual who is dedicated to following the nudist culture alone.  An individual who chooses to become a nudist under these circumstances must follow specific rules and other stipulations.

Nudism in the Wild

Some nudist practice their culture in the wild.  This form of nudism occurs when people who practice nudism venture into the wild and further explore the nudism culture.

Nudism Issues

People who practice nudism face many challenges within society.  One form of nudity people have an issue with is social nudity because it involves public nudity.  The world is filled with many stereotypes, and a lot of people view nudism in a negative aspect because there are not any gender restrictions or restrictions for a particular body type.  There are a few people who frown upon nudism, including:

How to Become a Nudist

Many people are interested in becoming a nudist.  Before the final decision is made, there are a few aspects of the culture that an individual should consider.

1. Understand the Culture

The first thing an individual needs to do is get an understanding of the culture in all aspects of the beliefs and rules that are associated.  Becoming a nudist is not about walking around naked for the world to see you in rare form.  Nudism is about being comfortable with who you are and embracing your body, flaws, and all.  Many people wish to become nudists because their goal is to become closer to nature.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

The saying “practice makes perfect,” is true in this situation.  It’s better for an individual to practice being nude on their own before they enter the culture of nudism.  The idea is not strip clothes off and walk around naked to experience the feeling, but to see how comfortable a person is without clothing and being around other naked people.  One thing that helps beginners adjust to this culture and way of life is sleeping naked.  Individuals can practice doing things around the home, such as chores and housework naked.  One thing people need to keep in mind is their neighbors.  Everyone will not agree with the lifestyle you are choosing, and will not want to witness your nakedness, regardless of the reasons for trying it.

3. Involve Relatives and Friends

Some people choose not to involve their family and friends, but for many people, the outcome is great.  Involving relatives and friends is another situation where people may not be comfortable with the culture of nudism, and individuals should keep the feelings of their friends and families in mind.  Some family members and friends are interested in the culture, and this is the time where an individual can invite them to explore the nudist culture with them.

4. Become a Part of a Community

A lot of people adjust to the nudist culture by first-hand experience.  People who are interested in the nudist way of life should conduct an online search for nudist communities that are near their location or a location they are willing to travel.  Becoming a part of the community is when many people become more insecure about their bodies than they have ever been.  The good news is that nudists to not judge people, especially according to physical appearance.  It is normal to be afraid at first, but nudists are welcoming people.

5. Visit Nude-Allowed Locations

Places such as nudist beaches and resorts are the determining factor for people who wish to venture into the nudist culture.  People who visit these places can practice their way of life in a safe environment and surround themselves with like-minded people.

6. Be Comfortable with Yourself

People who are comfortable living the nudist way of life suggest they feel free and happy.  Nudism is not a way of life for everyone but the only way to know for certain is to give it a try.

Benefits of Becoming a Nudist

Saving Money

Spending $300-$400 on clothing is a thing of the past in the nudist culture.  Individuals no longer have to worry about the expenses of washing and drying clothes, finding something to wear and making sure they look presentable for society’s approval.

The Free Factor

People are surprised at the intense feeling of freedom being nude provides.  A person’s entire body is not bound or restricted by clothing.  The entire body and skin can breathe without being restricted or confined by designer clothing and other accessories, such as underwear, shoes, and socks.

Body Image Control

A lot of people have issues with their bodies, and nudism is one way people can face their fears and be pleased with the image that reveals itself in the mirror.  The nudist community helps people love and cherish the skin they are in and be comfortable with themselves.

Having Something Real

Many nudists believe conversations with other nudist are deeper than usual and less superficial.  No one has anything to hide.  Everything is front and center and upfront.

Misconceptions of Nudism

Sexual Activity

A lot of people are under the impression that nudism is about naked people running around sleeping with every person that will allow it.  Sexual activity is one of the most popular misconceptions about the nudist way of life.  There are many rules in a nudist society that clearly states; sexual activity is not tolerated.  Sexual arousal and stimulation is normal, but the act of intercourse in public and other places that are not in private are strictly prohibited.

Sexual Arousal

Many people are interested in nudism because they think being around naked people is similar to girls gone wild until they find out that nudism is not gender specific and not restricted to men or women.  Both men and women participate in the nudist way of life.  People who try the nudism culture for the reason of sexual arousal are disappointed because they are surprised at how much they are not sexually stimulated or aroused.  Although sexual stimulation and arousal is normal, it takes place a lot less than people realize.

Bodies on the Hotties

Some people who practice nudism have a nice figure, but there are a lot of nudists who have bodies that are not attractive.  People who are venturing into this culture for a sneak peak at sexy bodies will be greatly disappointed.  Nudism is a way of life that accepts everyone regardless of gender, body type, and race.

Strictly Adult Action

Another common misconception of the nudism culture is only adults are allowed to participate in the culture.  Members of nudist communities often start as individual nudists, find a mate who is a nudist, and decide to raise their children as nudist.  Family nudism begins from the time the child is born.  Nudism is a culture that encourages families to introduce their children to the culture.

Clothing VS No Clothing

Nudists do not spend the rest of their lives naked.  Nudists are naked most of the time, but in the event of unfavorable weather, such as snow and rain, nudists will wear clothing.  Children who are brought up in the nudist culture must wear swim trunks or a diaper until they are potty trained.


The fact that men, women, and children are all naked drive some people to believe that there are a few perverts in the culture.  Perverts in this culture are another common misconception.  Nudists find beauty in nature and the souls of others.  Someone’s physical appearance is the last thing on a nudist's mind, and the often overlook this factor.

Nudists are Not Asexual

Nudists do not rule out sexual activity altogether.  Nudists reproduce like any other human being and create their family.  Only nudist partners who are married engage in sexual intercourse.

Nudist do Not Value Privacy

Nudists enjoy their privacy just as well as the next person.  Nudists may not be fond of someone taking their picture or filming their activities.  The rules of nudism state that people who do not practice the nudist way of life cannot take pictures of young children to prevent perverts from becoming an issue.

Why Do People Become Nudists?

When people make the final decision to join a nudist community and become a part of the nudist way of life, they are often seeking sanity and peace of mind from the chaotic world they currently reside.  Naturism is a way of life that removes many stresses of the modern world.  Nudists do not have to worry about clothing or “fitting in”.  Nudists could care less about designer clothing and accessories, such as purses, shoes, and jewelry. 

Nudists are concerned about their well-being and the well-being of their family and friends.  A lot of people find themselves venturing into the nudism way of life for acceptance purposes.  The society we currently live in is judgmental and unkind.  Nudists are people who welcome everyone regardless of their financial status, place in society, and physical appearance.  For a lot of people, this is a sign of relief that many people can embrace and enjoy for a lifetime.

There are a lot of people who prefer to become a nudist because of the comfort factor.  A lot of people say they have never been more comfortable than they are when they are nude.  Some people will frown upon a person’s choice to become nudists, but for some people, it’s a way to express freedom.

Some people can’t wait to join a nudist community so they can become one with nature and explore their entire being with other people who feel the same way about life as they do.  Many people express they can open up and explore nature like they would like they have always wanted.

Freedom is a major aspect of the nudist culture.  Many people have lived in this society where they are judged and criticized for the decisions they make.  In the nudist culture, no one is restricted or judged by clothing, financial matters, outward appearance, marital status, and sexual orientation.  Everyone is welcome in the nudist culture, is this what many people who join this way of life are seeking.  Everyone wants to be accepted at some point in time in their life, and for a lot of people, nudist is the path they choose.  A lot of people live their life in the current society, and the entire time, they feel restricted and mistreated.  Because of the restrictions and treatment many people receive after many years, nudism seems like a breath of fresh air when they don’t have to hide who they are and the things they enjoy.  They are free to express themselves, enjoy nature, and surround themselves with people who appreciate them and genuinely care.


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