Florida Medicated Assisted Treatment

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Florida Medicated Assisted Treatment

Your body spends years getting used to alcohol or drugs. In that period, the brain chemistry also changes to accommodate substance use. As a result, weaning off alcohol or drugs becomes mentally and physically hard, not to mention unpleasant. Withdrawal leads to uncomfortable symptoms like fatigue, an irregular heartbeat, and vomiting. Symptoms such as seizures are potentially life-threatening. Our Florida medicated assisted treatment (MAT) at Florida Springs can help reduce cravings, ease withdrawal symptoms, and set you up for lifelong sobriety.

Going through detoxification without medication can make the entire process challenging. We provide medically assisted treatment as part of a holistic recovery plan. Our luxury rehab center in Florida uses a holistic approach to heal the body, mind, and spirit. That way, our clients can achieve a better, healthier life in sobriety and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Benefits of our Florida Medicated Assisted Treatment Programs

There are plenty of advantages of enrolling for MAT at our Florida addiction treatment center. Below are five:

  1. Lessened Withdrawal Symptoms and Cravings

Quitting drugs can result in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. As the best rehab center in Florida, our medicated assisted treatment assists in minimizing the severe withdrawals and makes the process more comfortable. The medications in our medicated-assisted treatments lessen cravings that come after quitting your substance of use.

These medications work by activating receptors without requiring the addictive substance. They also block the receptors that cause euphoria, thus eliminating the pleasant feeling associated with drug use.

  1. Treatment Bridges the Gap

Transitioning to normal life can be difficult after completing your rehab program. And if emotional and physical symptoms linger, it can be harder to maintain your sobriety. Continuing our medicated-assisted treatment after the first treatment can provide the strength and stability you need to remain sober with less assistance.

  1. Medication-Assisted Treatment Works

Although the success of addiction treatment can’t be measured by a single metric, the outcomes for medicated-assisted treatment are highly effective and among the best. MAT programs at our addiction and inpatient drug rehab address different aspects of a person instead of being one-sided. And this what we mean: Simultaneously having medications to support you in your recovery and undergoing therapy makes this treatment approach stronger.

  1. Lower Risk of Relapsing

Putting in all the hard work in one of the top rehab centers in FL only to relapse can be a huge blow to your recovery efforts. While there isn’t any shame in relapsing, it can discourage you from pursuing sobriety. Fortunately, medicated-assisted treatment considerably reduces the risk of relapsing. Because the treatment works by lessening the withdrawal symptoms and cravings, there’s a lower relapse risk.

  1. Our Treatment is Affordable

Compared to the cost of sustaining your addiction, our treatment is a much more affordable option. The more you increase the amounts of drugs you use and the longer you continue using, the more money you’ll spend obtaining the drug. Further, health complications that arise from addiction can lead to mounting medical bills. MAT prevents these kinds of expenses by helping you recover and live a drug-free life.

Medicated Assisted Treatment to Make Your Recovery Easier

Our medicated assisted treatment doesn’t swap one drug for another. Rather, these FDA-approved medications combined with our evidence-based therapies are capable of effectively controlling withdrawal symptoms and cravings for those with a substance use disorder, ultimately enabling them to enjoy lasting recovery. Contact Florida Springs if you are ready to take your life back from addiction: 850-403-6566.

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Florida Medicated Assisted Treatment

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