National Health Insurance Coverage

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What is a multi-state health insurance plan?

Multi-state plans are offered in the Health Insurance Marketplace and do not necessarily have network providers or offer coverage in multiple states. The ACA created the Multi-State Plan program to offer policyholders with more choice and to promote competition in insurance markets nationwide.

These plans fall under a contract between the U.S. OPM and insurance companies, and you can purchase them through the Marketplace. Some Multi-State health insurance plans offer in-network coverage across all 50 states, and some offer coverage in multiple states.

Does my health insurance cover me in a different state?

All health insurance plans offer coverage for emergency services at any hospital across America, except Hawaii. This rule applies regardless of from which state you purchased your plan from. Similarly, as long as you are suffering from a life-threatening emergency, you can go to any hospital across the United States, and you will have coverage, whether or not the hospital is in your plan’s network.

Your out-of-state coverage is only applicable for emergencies and not for any other kind of treatment or doctor visits. We help individuals find the best national health insurance coverage with the lowest monthly premiums.

Tips for choosing the right health insurance plan

Health insurance is an absolute necessity, and everybody should own policy to protect themselves against medical emergencies. Here is some advice on getting the right coverage for you:

  • Health status – You need to ask yourself if whether you are in good health. Before choosing a plan, make sure to find answers for questions like do you regularly visit your doctor? Does your occupation entail any risks, or do you engage in high-risk sporting activities?. Ultimately, you need to buy a plan based on the degree of risk. 
  • Doctor visits – How often do you typically go to the doctor in a year? Did you spend a lot of money on copays for office visits, urgent care, prescription drugs, and lab work in the last year? Make sure to add up all of these to get an idea of your approximate annual health care needs.
  • Options available – Analyse if whether you are eligible to receive a quality health insurance plan through your employer. You also need to evaluate your state’s health care exchange or group insurance through membership in organizations like Costco, before you can buy a plan for you and your family.

Besides these, choose a plan based on your priorities and coverage needs. For instance, if you are someone who sees the doctor often for you or your family, you should look for a plan with lower copays and deductibles. 

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National Health Insurance Coverage

The Basics of National Health Insurance Coverage

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